Asesoria Q Consulting, your Labor Accountant in El Verger

Asesoria Q Consulting fiscal


Taxation is the principal concern in companies because of its high importance within them. Tax planning is very important, for that reason we design a positive system to reduce the tax burdens.


We can advise in the elaboration, presentation and follow-up consultations with the Tax Administration, defending the interests of our clients against all types of proceedings:


  • Advice in the planning of Company Tax, VAT, Income Tax and Estate Tax.
  • Completion and presentation of declarations.
  • Non-resident taxation.
  • Inspection proceedings, handling of appeals and fiscal complaints.
  • Elaboration and presentation of annual books and accounts.
Asesoria Q Consulting contabilidad


Having up to date accounts supplies valuable information both at internal and external levels of the company, helping with making economic and financial decisions which will be positive for the company.


The accounts should be organized, without errors, understandable and pertinent to the activity of the company, allowing chronological monitoring of the operations, as well as periodic preparation of balances and reports:


  • Preparation of accounts for SMEs and self-employed
  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and Loss accounts
  • Annual report
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • Statement of Cash-flows
  • Treasury reports
Asesoria Q Consulting laboral

Labour / Employment

Advice on all aspects of Labour / Employment Law, including Social Security, Pensions, Health and Safety and Human Resources.


We can boast the best professional practices in human resources, promoting codes of conduct and good practice, as an instrument for improving productivity and labour relations.


Advice on recruitment and personnel selection, contracts, cost analysis and company structure.


  • We offer a personalised service to each client, adapting to their needs:
  • Contracts
  • Payroll and Social Security confection
  • Contract Termination
  • Social Security
  • Work inspection proceedings
  • Human Resources


Our star service that differentiates us from the competition. Because we want the best for your company. Ask us about the Q?PLAN that can best be adapted to your needs. We offer the possibility of having your accounting-financial department in your company, saving your own personnel costs, simplifying and avoiding errors. We synthesize your administrative-accounting process and you are also in constant continuous advice. It is not necessary to change your advice, it simply complements it.

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